25 March 2011

There is no always cute

i am a cute person HAHA perasan gilaaaaaa. no i mean i am JUST petite, thin and slender you know. very contradict with hot, gorgeous or cute. thats not really me. so what the point is that i want to state here, as a human we have our own identity what we like to see how like we want to be and how we want people to see us. these three things are different from each side.

if you ask me, tak nak tanya takpe. nak cerita jek HAHA i dont really love cute things and many people nowadays say comelnyaaaa, tomeyy HAHA and else. tapi sangat jarang that word from my mouth. i feel awkward to say it padahal benda kecik jek pape entah. but yes i dont prefer that word to describe things and more tu ehh cun laaa, nice. i dont like cute man, teddy bears and cute little things like accessory. flowers and chocolate also are not my choice so im not like other girls. everyone is different right. so please dont assume all woman is same hehe

people say that our own clothes will describe who we are. is it for real? lets we think for a while. i dont want people to see me as cute, weak, shy or soft person . because deep inside i more to stubborn haha like to argue with people in positive way and independent. so i have my own way to show all these things. ikut perangai sapa laaa ni jadi lagu ni. there is no point to show off the beauty. it is just about our attitude and manners. appearance is not same with inside. know them first and you will know who they are.

so do you want to know what actually that i like and how like that i want to be?

YES! i love woman like this. and as you can see, please beware with me haha so who am i?

15 March 2011

Child to go

alhamdulillah lastly got back from induction course. but still feel like want to sit there for a long time. boleh main lama-lama. berenang lama-lama. semua nak lama-lama haha thank you. since that, i know how much strenght i am. i love something that can challenge myself because i rare to get afraid. bukan bangga ke apaa tapi tula masalah nak takut pun susah. but unless time night walking takut sikit hehe sebab malam kot tapi takpe ramai-ramai.

release tension by swimming. dah lama tak berenang sekali buat flip tak jadi haha kena practise banyak kali ni. but there is something that i feel regret. tak dapat naik flying fox sebab pakcik bas punya pasal la nih. kalau tak dah boleh naik even dapat rasa macam naik roller coster sebab tinggi sangat. mesti heartbeat macam nak stop kan haha ni yang rindu genting highlands ni.

then back suddenly im think of my children. oh no no. i dont have any children i mean my future child. as like other woman, i have my own planning for my children. so i hope my husband too have his own plan and hope his planning is better than me for our childrens benefits. wow gatal ke sampai dah fikir anak ni? i dont think its wrong since i dont have any bf so i think i can think of my children. lain laa kalau dah ada bf tiba tiba pikir pasal anak. something wrong there haha firstly, maybe i will married when i am above 25 till 30. maybe 27 or 28 thats my target. i tried to keep my money as much as possible. before married, i want to enjoy myself and still shopping as usual but i will try to reduce it hehe

then when i got married as spesifically when i have children i will try to take them as my first priority. not me only and i hope me and my husband will give full of cooperation. jangan gaduh kalau ada gaduh gaduh pun sejam dua jam kena elok balik okay. we have to spend time with our children even busy mana pun. if one of them break the rules, there is a punishment waiting for you haha i want to give them the best education so them can be intelligent child with the best attitude and manners. i have my own list activities that they should do but i cant list here due to some reason hehe maybe they will feel tired and i try to manage their time.

i cant imagine how my parents try to plan for our benefits. maybe malam malam i and husband duduk dalam bilik atas katil discuss about them and masing masing denagn pen and kertas haha takut laa pulak. but you must think that what we planned must depend on our child too. nanti jangan tunggu dia cakap "dad, i dont think you should force me to do what i dont like to do please.." masa tu laaa baru nak fikir balik.

she is 5 years old but she is an intelligent girl. she can advise her mom about the shoes. and speech well-developed by learning three foreign languages. for me if we want to give the best for our children, we have to married late. because we need to keep the money first. especially guys you should really really think of it. because you are a leader of family. so please dont get selfish by married earlier. but if you are already rich, its okay to have a child hehe :) ahhh sudah. dah macam orang tua buat post ni. ni yang nak belajar parenting cepat ni.

09 March 2011

Between two things

alhamdulillah. too glad to see them on last week. even just for one night at hyatt TC. release tension sekejap. and got information from my mom dia suruh bank in duit ptptn dalam ASB sebab ada dividen. so tak laa rugi sangat. atleast dapat la profit sikit kan. bab duit mak memang power haha lately asyik survey barang jek. ceh macam laaa banyak sangat duit kan. handphone rosak dah berbulan-bulan. malas nak tukar.

then ayah offer samsung galaxy. best ke? apa yang best. ayah dah bising sebab tak bagitahu dia lagi nak phone apa. biasa laaa anak dia ni cerewet sikit. tak laa cerewet sangat biasa laa mesti la nak pilih yang terbaik huhu mesti laaa kena survey-survey dulu ayah. mana boleh beli underspot. tak boleh boleh. its not me. ayah pun survey-survey laa jugak ayah bab bab gadget memang no 1. kalah anak dia but except facebook laaa. dia takde sebab mak tak bagi haha lets we see which one is the best.

you can click to enlarge the image. just ignore the N8 hehe
tapi N8 power jugak

Size and Weight

The Galaxy S2 measures 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49mm and weighs in at 117g, while the iPhone 4 measures 115.2 x 58.7 x 9.3mm and weighs in at 137g. Samsung claims the Galaxy S2 would be the world’s thinnest smartphone at just 8.49mm and the feather light 117g as well. But, the iPhone 4 is a bit better than the Galaxy S2 in width and height.


The Galaxy S2 has a 4.27-inch Super AMOLED Plus display with 800×480 pixels, while the iPhone 4 sports a 3.5-inch Retina display with 960×640 pixels. We see that it’s true the Super AMOLED Plus is one step better than the older Super AMOLED, but when people take a look at the pixels size only, the iPhone 4 is still the better one. The Galaxy S2′s display would still steal your heart with its large screen, anyway. Moreover, the new display of the Galaxy S2 offers a better contrast, better outdoor visibility and lower power consumption than iPhone 4.


The Galaxy S2 uses 1GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM, and the iPhone 4 comes with Apple A4 and 512MB RAM. This is what the Galaxy S2 wins over the iPhone 4, even though there’s no clear proof to show what’s going on graphically with the double RAM. For sure, the CPU built within the phone is a super fast processor that is able to run multitasking.


The Galaxy S2 has an 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facing camera, along with the 1080p video capture. The iPhone 4 is a bit lower at this point, offering a 5-megapixel rear camera and a VGA front-facing camera, with 720p video capture. Do you still need another bullet to hit the iPhone 4? It’s all obvious that there’s an unbalance battle here. And, that’s not enough! The Galaxy S 2 also includes plenty of great technology such as Smile Shot, Beauty Shot, Panorama Shot, Action Shot and Cartoon Short too.


There’s 16/32GB storage offered by the Galaxy S2, and its sports a microSD too, while the iPhone 4 only comes with 16/32GB storage without microSD. The microSD you can get on the Galaxy S2 can be mentioned as a big plus to hit the iPhone 4. Effectively, you can store twice as much on it, and thus all your 1080p videos and 8-MP camera would fix it best.


The Galaxy S2 offers WiFi, NFC, 4G, Bluetooth 3.0, DLNA, WiFi tethering, and new HDMI technology, while the iPhone 4 only gives users WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 and 3G network. Again, this is what to beat the iPhone 4. The 4G network, Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC technology are the form of the latest connectivity features should be installed to a new top smartphone.

Battery Life

The Galaxy S2 uses 1650 mAh battery type, and the iPhone 4 has 1420 mAh battery with 10 hours of video watching. The Galaxy S2?s battery is definitely bigger than that the iPhone 4, and it sounds natural because the dual core CPU would use lots of energy, while the large screen do the same.


The Galaxy S2 runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, while the iPhone 4 uses iOS 4.2. You can customize the Android OS, and you can’t do it with the iOS. You can get full Flash-enabled web browsing on Android, and the iPhone 4 shows the edge when it comes to applications. In short, the iPhone 4 is still the better one while both offer multitasking. The Game Center on iOS even gives special advantage compared to what Google has to date.


The iPhone 4 is still the most expensive phone, more than anyone else, while the Galaxy S2 offers a lesser price tag than the iPhone 4. Of course, it is the biggest advantage people would find on the Galaxy S2. With those incredible features and facilities, the Galaxy S2 would find its own easy to win the market’s heart then.

so which one is your choice? it is depend on the user actually. think carefully apa yang kita selalu guna and apa yang tak. i dont choose both haha yeayyy cukai phone takde sekarang. betul ke? rasanyaa dah. iphone5 dah nak release july 2011 ni. gilo ke hape nak beli baru keluar. tak mampu den. tapi specification dia mesti lagi best dari samsung galaxy ni. apple and android ni berlawan ke? nanti last last phone nokia 3310 jugak yang dibelinya haha kena tunggu balik rumah dulu nampaknyaaa.